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My research focusses on various aspects related to stars and their evolution. More details about my group are available from this website:

Stellar Hydrodynamics, Evolution and Nucleosynthesis (SHEN): stellar evolution group website at Keele

The main projects running at the moment are:

  • Chemical Elements as Tracers of the Evolution of the Cosmos (ChETEC) COST Action

  • NuGrid: The Nucleosynthesis Grid (NuGrid) project develops and maintains tools for large scale post-processing nucleosynthesis simulations, and apply these to complete sets of quescient and explosive nuclear production environments.

  • BRIDGCE UK Network: a UK-wide network established to BRIdge the Disciplines related to the Galactic Chemical Evolution. The goal of this network is to facilitate collaborations across the different disciplines involved in the study of the origin of the elements.

    Other major ongoing or completed projects include:

  • MESA: Open source stellar evolution code

  • Stellar HYdrodynamics, Nucleosynthesis and Evolution (SHYNE) project funded by a European Research Council starting grant

  • Massive Rotating Stars: Evolution and Fate, Evolutionary tracks, pre-SN models, yields, papers, ... : where models from years 2000-2010 are stored.

  • Teaching & Outreach:

    I have been teaching several modules at Keele, including 1st year Nature of Matter and Electricity and Magnetism, 2nd year Nuclear and Particle Physics, and 3rd year Physics of Fluids. I have also completed a post-graduate diploma: “Teaching and Learning in Higher Education”. If you are interested in reading my thoughts and teaching method experiments, you can download my reflective portfolio (without appendices or here with appendices).

    Here is an outreach talk on my work.


    Raphael Hirschi
    Professor of Stellar Hydrodynamics and Nuclear Astrophysics
    Astrophysics Group
    School of Chemical and Physical Sciences
    Lennard-Jones Laboratories (LJ 2.09)
    Keele University
    ST5 5BG
    United Kingdom
    Tel: +44 (0)1782 733324
    Fax: +44 (0)1782 712378


  • In the animation directory, you can find movies showing the evolution of the structure and chemical abundances.
  • Publications:

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  • Thesis:

  • "Massive Rotating Stars: the Road to Supernova Explosion"