On this page you can find some of my interests outside of science and miscellaneous links that I find useful.

pointerg.gif Trying to make a difference through trade, not just aid: Little Trove.
pointerg.gif Churches that I have (been) attended(ing): Hope Community Church (Stoke-on-Trent), Crossroads: international church in Basel, Westlake: international church in Nyon/Lausanne.
pointerg.gif Online bibles and resources: Bible gateway, YouVersion bible + apps , Hunger Site (donate free food).
pointerg.gif My favourite sport, volleyball: VBC Sugnens (my hometown), VBC Cheseaux (my sister's and mother's club), more info on volleyball at FIVB.
pointerg.gif I also like football, the real one played with the feet: Stoke City FC (our local premier league team), FC Echallens (the team I played for as a junior), UEFA, FIFA, although I find it too commercialised.
pointerg.gif There are lots of charities in the UK. My favourites are: Compassion and Christian Against Poverty
pointerg.gif Radio stations I listen to: Xrhythms(UK), UCB(UK), Couleur3.ch
pointerg.gif Link to a few online Swiss and international newspapers: 24heures, NZZ, WIRED: UK technology magazine, TIME,
pointerg.gif Travelling: Japan Travel Updates, exchange rates
pointerg.gif Dictionaries: Oxford English, M-W English, German-English-French, Google translate, francais, computer