I am a lecturer in the Astrophysics Group at Keele University. This page is perpetually under construction. A few links are currently live:


PHY-10020   Oscillations and Waves

(Spring 2016)

Mathematics for Physics and Astrophysics

(Year 1, 2015/16)

PHY-30023   Particles, Accelerators and Reactor Physics

(Autumn 2015)


My research interests lie in the areas of stellar (galaxy) dynamics, dark matter, and applications involving globular star clusters. In the future there will be more details on these things here. For now, you may want to take a look at a list of my published papers through this ADS link, which is likely to be more up-to-date than my CV.

Maybe you're looking specifically for some modeling of the internal structure of a few hundred globular clusters in several nearby galaxies, or for a catalogue and dynamical analysis of proper motions (velocities on the plane of the sky) for many thousands of stars in the Milky Way globular 47 Tucanae. If so, then follow the links in the frame to the left. They will take you to published papers and various large data files—any of which I will also be happy to send to you directly, if you ask for them by email.