Keele Astrophysics Group

PhD Studentships


April/May UPDATE: applications for STFC-funded studentships are still open! Application review deadline is May 15.

We enrol new PhD students every year, usually in September. If you are interested in being a PhD student in astrophysics at Keele, please read about our research interests.

Possible PhD projects this year include (title, supervisors):
- A new instrument for photometry of exoplanets and binary stars from TESS (Dr P Maxted)
- Young stars and stellar moving groups in the Gaia-ESO survey (Prof Rob Jeffries, Dr Nick Wright)
- Star formation and early stellar evolution in the era of Gaia (Prof Rob Jeffries, Dr Nick Wright)
- Precision Stellar Astrophysics in the Gaia/TESS/PLATO Era (Dr P Maxted)
- High-precision studies of eclipsing binary stars observed using space telescopes (Dr John Taylor (Southworth))
- Star formation and variability in M33 and other spiral galaxies (Dr Joana Oliveira)
- Star formation in the Magellanic Clouds (Dr Joana Oliveira)
- The properties of A, F and G stars (Dr Barry Smalley)
- Stellar Hydrodynamics (Dr Raphael Hirschi)
- Galaxy populations behind the Magellanic Clouds (Dr Jacco van Loon)
- Discovering transiting extra-solar planets with WASP and TESS (Prof Coel Hellier)

The list of current funded studentships is available here: current studentships on offer (search for the research topic: Astrophysics). Further information about the University can be found in the Applications section of the Postgraduate Research website.

Each year, we offer several PhD studentships funded by STFC (click here for more details about the STFC studentships). We usually advertise funded places in December-January with application deadline at the end of February and decisions are made in April-May. We might have funded places at various times throughout the year so it is best to contact us if you are interested in doing a PhD with us. We also welcome applications from self-funded students. You can apply for a place by following the "Apply for PhD" link on this webpage: .

If you require any further information or would like to visit please contact Dr Raphael Hirschi for general enquiries or the member of staff you are interested in working with: Staff contact details.